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to kill a mockingbird essay

Sometimes the setting and environmental surroundings of where you are can affect what you do. In this case, the setting of “To Kill a Mockingbird” helped keep the plot going. This book was set in an old age and time period so things were really different. They all live in a small town where everybody is known. In this part of time everyone was completely racist. So racist that it changed the ending of this book. These examples of factors can affect a plot of a story greatly.
The time period of this book effected how they acted. Since this is set in the olden days, children were grown to act very proper. They talk, act and handle situations differently too. One major key point is that there is no modern technology so for example; no DNA testing for crime scenes. This is something that would’ve been needed at the end of this book.   “Presently I picked up a comb from Jem’s dresser and ran its teeth along the edge” page 178. This shows how their Aunt Alexandria is teaching Scout and Jem to act mature, proper, to take good care of themselves and to have good hygiene.  The year that this book is set in effects the output on problems in the story, things could go differently if this book was set in more recent times.
“To Kill a Mockingbird” was also set in a small town where everyone is known or heard about and has lots of gossip. To prove how it’s a small town, some examples would be; Rumors are being spread about Boo Radley around town. Even though these rumors are not even true, still everyone believes what people tell them.  Another example would be that since it’s a small town the transportation is fast. Jem, Dill, and Scout can all hand out easily and can basically walk to each other’s houses. Scout makes a play about Boo Radley’s life even though she doesn’t really know anything about him whatsoever. “a s the summer progressed, so did our game. We polished and perfected it, added dialogue and plot until we had manufactured a small play upon which we rang changes every day.” Page52. This proves how word gets around even to children easily. This shows how everyone knows one another and children made up a play about a local man. You should be careful what you say because there are ears everywhere.
The last plot changer is the racism and unfairness in the town. They like to use the “N” word instead of saying African American which is very disrespectful and mean. Scouts dad, Atticus Finch supported a black guy named Tom Robinson in a court case, so people hated on him and looked at him differently just because he supported someone of a different color then them which is extremely unfair.  The major sign of racism is when the cruel jury pleaded the innocent Tom Robinson Guilty.  “This case is as simple as black and white” Page 271. This is a really good quote showing how people were predigest. Tom was obviously innocent but just because he’s black they just assumed differently.  He couldn’t Have raped anyone because he was crippled. Racism is very unfair.
As you can see the setting of this book affected the plot extremely. The time period It was set in, the fact that it was a small town, and the racism were a big part in the outcome of this book. If these factors weren’t included in the book, the plot would be very different. The book would probably not even be called this or even be about anything stated before.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Sea and An Old Man

The old man and the sea, Earnest Hemingway, Scribner Paperback, Fiction,1952.

This story is about marlin having a battle with an old man named Santiago, who has not caught a fish in 84 days.Santiago is considered so unlucky that is young friend, Manolin, has been forbidden by his parents to sail with the old man. The boy however visits Santiago's shack each night. The old man tells his young friend that he will venture to the gulf stream to end his unlucky streak. On the 85th day Santiago sets out alone onto the gulf stream. By noon that day a huge fish takes his bate but is unable to pull in the great marlin. He is determined to catch this fish but because of its dignity no one will be worthy of eating the marlin. On the Third day Santiago is completely worn out but uses all of his strength to pull the huge fish onto its side and stab the marlin with a harpoon. This ended the "battle" between the old man and the fish. He brings the fish home thinking about how many he will feed and the high prices at the market. Santiago continues to the shore, where there are sharks that attracted to blood from the marlin. He ends up killing 5 sharks with his harpoon which breaks after the first kill. The sharks have eaten most of the marlin leaving its skeleton of backbone, tail, and its head. The next day a group of fishermen gather and measure the marlin to be 18 feet long. Manolin is impressed so he brings the old man newspapers and coffee. They promise to fish with each other again.

"The Old Man and the Sea helped to revive Hemingway's reputation as a writer of great acclaim."
     ~James Topham book reviewer 

I chose this quote because I thought it was cool how this book helped his reputation of great approval. In other words it was a good story and well written. I do agree with this quote and that he is a good author. It is a very nice compliment to Earnest Hemingway so that is why i have chosen it.

"The stars were bright now and and he saw the dolphin clearly and he pushed the blade of his knife in his head and drew him out from under the stern." (page 78)  This quote really stood out to me, because the author's writing style has a lot of vivid imagery. Just by reading this line I can picture the scene clearly and easily. Hemingway's writing is very detailed and full of great imagery which allows us to visualize what is going on in the story. That makes the story more interesting and fun for the readers.

I usually don't read books, but a similar book that i have read is called The little fish that got away by Bernadine cook and Crockett Johnson. The Old man and the Sea and The little fish that got away are both about male fishers who struggle to catch a fish and to not give up on their dreams. They both try their hardest to succeed. Both books obtain the same theme. Something different would be their ages. The old man and the sea is about an old experienced fisher and in  The Little fish that got away it's about a little boy who hasn't had much practice before. 

In my opinion the quote  "A man can be destroyed but not defeated." means that you can be put down and beaten up or struggle with a certain problem but you can't be done forever. You can still try to fix the problem and never give up no matter how impossible it may seem. I do agree with this quote because it happens in everyday life. 

 I don't really enjoy fishing, or the outdoors really, but one I've gone fishing a couple of times. I recently went fishing with my boyfriend and caught my first fish ever. I didn't give up and i was so proud of myself. Well, it was my first try that day so it was probably beginners luck. Anyway I am still glad i tried. I didn't mind this book, but I thought it was boring and not my type of book. I don't read anyways so..

My rating on The old man and the sea: 3 paws ~ Pounce on it

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding Philippe

1. I want the reader to understand Deltreece's love for green day and philipee and Ren. I also want them to laugh while reading this and to know that Deltreece is has never stood up for herself.
2. I think the events that happened were easy to create and fun to write.
3. Some problems were how to end the story.
4. Helpful advice would be how to end paragraphs or to add more voacb.

Finding Philippe:
by Renee Stoltz

All of Deltreece's life has been about punk music and taking care of her best friend Philippe. Their friendship is stronger than any kind. But her relationship with Green Day is almost as strong. Both her friend and that band help her stay strong and get her through her days. Her parents are really hard on her and they treat her like dirt. They expect everything from her, so she stays away from them. She works at a small food shop in the middle of town. It's only her and another charming and handsome man named Ren. They have a flirtation-ship i guess. I forgot to mention, her best friend Philippe, is a sloth. Yes, a perverted, fat, lazy sloth who sits on Deltreece's shoulder and arm. Deltreece struggles with a problem though, she can't let her parents see that she has a sloth as a pet.

So during the summer, Deltreece has been working her butt off at that shop with Ren. She hasn't spent any of her cash because she is saving it for a concert at the end of the summer. Her parents would never allow her to go, but she wants to sneak out and see the concert with Ren and Philippe. Deltreece's plan is to hide Philippe in her shirt. It probably wont work but Philippe is her best friend so she couldn't not leave him alone.

The summer is now coming to an end. Deltreece is sick and tired of her family and just wants to go to the concert with Ren and Philippe. The concert is in two days and they are all excited. Deltreece packs a lot of sloth food in a bag in preparation. Hopefully Philippe will control his hormones and not sniff anyone's butts while they are there. He tends to do that a lot. He is a sneaky sloth! Ren and Deltreece are going to steal Ren's Older brothers car to drive to the concert. Hey, with strict parents, creates sneaky children.

So it's the day deltreece is going to see her soul mate (or so she thinks he is) on stage. Live. In person. To see all of his gorgeousness and flawlessness! Its 7pm and they are on their way. Deltreece still doesn't believe that her parents haven't found out yet. For such strict parents, they are dumb. After 2 hours of driving they finally reach the huge arena, and they can hear fans cheering and that gets her pumped up. This is the guy from her dreams. The guy she dreams to meet everynight at 11:11. The band she is obsessed with and now she has a chance to see their faces in real life. This is to much for Deltreece to handle. Her and Ren enter the building and see everyone with drinks and rock signs formed by their hands. After a short waiting time, the sound of Tre cool on his drums startled everyone. It was so loud and exciting. Billie Joe Armstrong jumps off a high stack of amps and screams in the microphone. THIS IS CRAZY! They start playing the song St. Jimmy which is one of Deltreece's favorite songs by them. Deltreece's heart and brain stop working. She doesn't notice anyone or anything, just Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool. She watches Billie strum on his guitar, Blue. He head-bangs his head and his black spikey hair goes all over the place and Deltreece covers her mouth and almost cries. She is so caught up in watching them, that she didn't even realize that Philippe was no where to be found.
"UGH Philippe! WHERE ARE YOU, YOU SNEAKY --" says Deltreece as Ren cuts her off.
"Easy Deltreece. it's okay we will find him." says Ren sweetly.
"I know, but what about the concert.. this has been my dream since forever!"
" That sloth is your best friend. You have to find him. He is probably attached to another girl or finding food."
"Okay yeah you're right, lets go find him, but QUICKLY!"

Ren and Deltreece go around the arena searching for Philippe. He is no where to be found. They go around asking people if they have seen a sloth, but people just look at them like they're high on something. Maybe we should just give up, they both think. But they can't, because Philippe is just too important.They are then startled by an awful thing. They walk near the exit to check if Philippe went outside, but instead they find Deltreece's parents with their arms crossed. Crap. This wasn't supposed to happen.

"We knocked on your room door to ask about your grades so far. You didn't respond so we came in and OH YEAH HAHA you weren't there..." says her mom sarcastically.
Deltreece didn't answer them.
"Your computer was on your desk and we noticed you had an open tab. As good concerned parents we are, we clicked it and found a Green Day concert information site open. There happened to be a concert for today at this time and this place. Coincidence, I think not!"says her dad sternly.
"Can we guys just give me a break. I'm always trying to impress you and this was supposed to be a special night for me. I never have fun, i just work and study every other day. UGH i hate you!!"
"We want you back home immediately Deltreece!
"NO! i never stand up for myself and you're making me cause a scene right now!"
"Never talk to your parents like that! We have treated you decently you ungrateful worthless --." her dad didn't get to finnish.

Deltreece walks away with Ren and her parents scream for her to get back. Deltreece falls to the ground and starts to cry quietly. Ren hugs her and says its okay. He says that she is none of those things. Deltreece looks up at him and kisses him for a long time. She has always wanted to do that. Ren is shocked. He has loved Deltreece for a long time now. They both stand up and are greatful when Philippe jumps on Deltreece's back. They are so happy he came back.

The concert was still going on and Ren and Deltreece hold hands, with Philippe on her shoulder. They all are quietly listening to Billie sing. Ren pulls Deltreece closer and wrap their arm around eachother. After all this was a pretty good day. Deltreece finally stood up to her parents, she found Philippe, and she has Ren as her man. Deltreece hasn't had a better night. They listen to the beautiful sound of the band and as the night comes to an end. And well, Deltreece, Ren, and Philippe lived happily ever after...

The End :p

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Drop the bass

What can't you live without? What do you do or dream every single day? Anything, just think about it. If you lost this item would a part of you die? Value is vague. It could mean many different things including price, experience, or appreciated things or moments. Everyone has their opinions but sometimes yours is most valuable. It's what you choose to value that determines your future and our own mood. Value is a big topic to think about. I myself value a lot of things. Many people, experiences, and items are appreciated by me and it's hard to choose two main ones to share. But that's whats required for this essay right ?

So here I am, at this huge thrill seeker, problem blocker, busy memory filled, yummy food-smelling, big open space filled with laughing, screaming, conversations, and music... Because saying six flags is too mainstream. I'm with my two acquaintances or "Besties" that I've been friends with since before i knew what acquaintance was. We're all girl-ifyed with our cute summer tank tops, short shorts, and converse. We've got our make up on to attract the boys and we're just ready for a good time.

My personal favorite ride was batman or bizzaro, but then the Goliath was built. My friends Maddie and Amanda, and I saw the line of this bright green neon and blue coaster and it was intimidating. I honestly am not scared of any ride. I will literally ride any ride/rollercoaster, you name it. But sence that line was so long we decided to wait and go on the one and only Bizzaro. The sun was shining it's hot waves on our heads and faces. Thank god it started sprinkling rain and cooled us down. The anticipation was killing me. We were at the gate of the cart in which held many bodies of thus wanting to ride. It slowly opened and the smiles of my firends and i were priceless. We put our belt on and lowered the yellow safety bar on our lap. The employees quickly ran down both sides of the cart and tighten all of our belts. Tappin my feet with excitement, I look at my friends with a huge smile. "ALL CLEAR..WHOOP"! says one of the employees over a microphone. "WHOOP" , says all of us coping it's noise. I guess it's a tradition persay, to make that noise before a ride at six flags The cart starts shooting forward quickly and i grab my friends hand. Eminem starts playiing in the speakers of the seat while we go up the track. It makes a clicking noise everytime we go up higher. It's neverending! WIth the clicking, high view, and bass of the speakers, it gives us all a rush of excitement. I have the shaky\excited feeling right now as i'm writing this! As we get to the top, eveyone's hands are up and we start to lean forward... BAM. In a split second I'm falling rapidly towards the earth, my stomach's in my throat, and i'm not focusing on anything. The wind is blowing my hair everywhere and there's screaming. I don't know what to think. It all happens so fast. We hit other smaller drops and twists. We look at eachothers relieved faces and messed up hair. We laughed because it was just amazing. We get off and run to the Goliath which is more intimidating than bizzaro. As we reach the front of the line we notice a fearless 11 year old boy who decided to ride with us. He wasn't scared at all and has ridden it a million times. Unlike us, we havn't experienced the mightly Goliath, and lets just say it was totally worth the wait!

The bell rings and we all bolt out of that terrible prison we call "school". I walk home in the cold, the snow crushing beneith my boots, I wait patiently before crossing the street. The cold air makes my eyes water and nose red. I finally walk to my house and enter the warm presence of my cozy kitchen. I say hi to my mom and talk about my day until she has to leave to pick up my younger brother from school. I lock my door and hide in my room. I turn my stero loud with the bass turned up all the way. As i'm jamming out to Green Day, I see it. There it is with its shiny screen reflecting the surroundings of my room. My pink IpodTouch 5th generation 32gig. I pick it up and feel it's thinness and smoothness. I click the home button, type in my passcode, and it brings me to the endless pages of social media, music, games, photography apps, and everything imaginable. I honestly don't remember what I was doing with my life before I got an IPod. I had my old one for four years and it didnt have a camera and was outdated. So i went to the apple store with my saved money and perchased the brand new Ipod. I was so excited. It has panaramic view also, so you can take long range photos. I go on many apps including facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, kik, ect... It's basicly my life. Sometimes I'm too distracted on it, that I don't do anything productive. Which doesn't bother me, but I know i should be trying to establish a hobbie. I get to talk to my friends and be creative on it, that's why it's addicting. Just being able to hold this technology still shocks me. I don't understand how we can go from being cavemen and living off of the eart to now having everything at our fingertips and haveing any modern technology. It honestly blows my mind.

Im many ways my two valueable items are obviously different, but if we look into the deeper meaning of theese things, they are a little alike. My ipod and rollercoaster drops have the same reaction by me. They both are simply, exciting. I get excited about every little detail. For example when I'm first in line for my favorite ride, Or even when I'm buckled up waiting for the people to do a safety check. It just gets my anxiesty and adrenaline pumping. Another example would be when i have wi-fi, or a new notification on facebook. It can just be the simplest things that are valueable too. Roller coasters and my Ipod give me the feeling of blocking out my problems. When i'm hitting zero to sevnty miles per hour in the course of four seconds, do you think i give a crap about anything? Other than the fact that i have a chance of plumiting into the earth and possibly dying. And when I'm on my ipod watching a funny video or watching my favorite youtubers vlog, I'm getting rid of all the negativity I have by watching or doing something that makes me happy.

Now on to the obvious ways they are different. My Ipod compared to the size of a rollercoaster is like a grain of sand on a beach. It's tiny but can hold a lot of data. Ipods are smooth where as roller coasters are most likely rugged or rusty. Lets move aside from the physical difference. Roller coasters are dangerous and give you a rush. My Ipod is safe and can give your mind a rest from anxiety and just listen to a song. I have to focus on the meaning of the lyrics, but during rollercoaster drops i'm not focusing at all, and my mind is blank during them. You can be indoors and hiding from the world on an ipod. On rollercoasters your outdoors, Out in the open, and high in the air. These two items are similar yet different.

I value My IPod, because it is basically my life. I value rollercoaster drops, because the feeling of them is too intense.I show my value for my Ipod by using it every day. I value the price, and how it's very expencive. I'm very lucky to have one, because most people do not. I value the exceitment and experience of rollercoasters. They are expensive to build and to have a whole park full of them is incredable. I value both of my items deeply and value them in lots of ways.

Many things are valuable to me, Weather it's priced or priceless. I believe everything is both priced and priceless, Rollercosters are priced due to the tickets to ride them, to build them, and to get in the park. But they are priceless too because of the amazing rush they bring. My Ipod costs money so its priced, but the way the music makes you fell is priceless. It;s important to truely value and appreciate eveything you have, because others aren't as fortunate to have those items. So just take the time and think to yourself, right this moment. What do you truely value?

the end .

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dead is just a Review

Dead is Just a Rumor By Marlene Perez.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010
                                                                                 Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, fiction

        Daisy Giordano is a senior in Nightshade high school who has paranormal powers like her sisters. She works at a diner called Slim's, and is friends with the worker there named Flo and the invisible man himself, Slim. Daisy Giordano and her family finally have their father back, after he'd been taken by the Anti-Supernatural Society known as the Scourge. After her mother's long investigation in Italy, they're all happy to have him back. Sort of. He's been missing for six years, and still thinks of Daisy as his little 12 year old girl. He watches over her, disapproves of her ware wolf boyfriend Ryan and worries about her way too much. It can be super overwhelming. The 200th anniversary of Nightshade is near and to celebrate, the party is being held at Mrs.Wilder's huge mansion. Daisy entered a contest for a trip for two to the Bahamas but has come in second place, winning cooking lessons with a famous chef Circe Silvertonge. Circe has lived in Nightshade growing up and has returned to publish her new cookbook. Daisy soon realized something weird about her. She puts a special powder in all of her dishes and has a pet pig who gets yelled at constantly. Envelopes with red wax on them have been showing up in town, and no one who has received one wants to talk about them or they contain. The 200th birthday party of this paranormal town caused another mystery for Daisy to solve. As Daisy focused on her dress in the mirror of the mansion, Mrs. Wilder said :Lily! Where have you been? Daisy quickly corrected her and wondered why she would say that. It turns out that Lily was Mrs. Wilder's sister that disappeared at a similar ball years ago, along with her boyfriend, Bam. No one knew what happened to them and neither of them were ever found. Later at Slim's diner, Circe wants to buy Lil the jukebox, who is Daisy's dead grandmother communicating to her through songs. She wants it but for no reason. Lil keeps playing songs like "Bad Woman" every time Circe walks in. Finally, the contents of the letters are revealed. They are blackmail letters, and someone seems to know that the people in town are supernatural creatures. But who is sending them? Daisy works with her mom, sisters, friends, and boyfriend to try to find out all of these mysteries. Whats in the powder of Circe's dishes, Where Lily and Bam are, and who is sending the letters?                                                                                                                         

      ""Dead is" books are like reconnecting with an old friend and hearing how they have been doing since then. Excellent and fun to read. Highly recommended." Dead is Just a Rumor Online Review by Deep Thoughts blog. 
        The writing style in all of the "Dead is..." books are mainly Daisy thoughts, words and actions. The words are mainly what is happening in Daisy's head. She thinks about all of the mysteries and all of the clues and things she needs to solve them. Marlene Perez makes a lot of cliffhangers and makes the series really interesting for a young adult's perspective.

      " I nodded. "he says he doesn't want to talk about it." My dad had been through a traumatic experience. Most of Nightshade had thought he'd run of with another woman..." (page 6)  

        After reading the first 3 books in the series i have grown to become mental friends with the characters. I feel like I really know them and picture what they're going through. I like the theme of paranormal and out of this world. I want to read the next book to see what other mysteries Daisy has to solve. I liked that there were more than 1 mystery because it was cool to watch Daisy get through them all. I wish I could have her powers to move things with my mind and read other people's minds. It seems really interesting to me how these books get better and better. I love Lil the jukebox because its neat how she can communicate to Daisy through song. I wish i could have something like that to tell me things or to warn me about certain people or events. Over all I love these books the second i started reading them and i hope she makes more.

                      I gave Dead is Just a Rumor 4 paws- Pounce on it.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

English essay-
Katniss from catching fire
Allie from Everlost


Its been a few years since Allie got into a car crash with Nick. The complete strangers are now best friends. As they were going through the so called "tunnel of light" they bumped into each other and didn't fully die. Instead they are stuck in a world called Everlost. They came across enemies and  defeated them. They also freed some kids that were trapped in a tower repeating the same activities. Now that there's no enemies, Allie and Nick can now do anything they want. They're half-dead so they can't eat or touch anything that's in the living world. They could hang out with their friend, Leaf, or make some other friends. They are recent afterlights (what people of Everlost call themselves) so they could explore different parts of Everlost if they wanted too. Nick decided to look for other friends while Allie went exploring on the coast. No one knows what Everlost is or how its even existing. No one knows how to escape Everlost to get back to the living world, or how to fully die. The half-dead souls of this unknown world don't need food or sleep, instead they need company. Company is their source of energy and health and everything really. There is one main concern of Everlost though. Its water. If an afterlight goes in any water source for example, the ocean, they immediately sink to the bottom and they are never to be seen again. No one dares to go find them though.

Allie is a little different from the other afterlights. She has rare skills like very few of Everlost's people. She can pick up living objects and control people's bodies. Also known as skinjacking. Allie has long blonde hair and was only 12 when she got in a car crash with Nick and half-died, so she is very strong and brave. Allie continued her walk along the coast and was skimming rocks along the shimmering water. She looked out at the sea and glanced at the boardwalk with broken-down rides. The carousel was all rusty and the horses were missing parts. Some of the gold long spiral poles that went from their heads to the top of the carousel were broken in half too.  You could hear carnival music playing softly, if you stood close enough. Allie was relieved at the thought that there was no more enemies to defeat. The only worry she had was understanding Everlost and what it is. She is now safe and calm and free to do whatever she wants. Of course this seems too good to be true, so that's when things went wrong. Before Allie could even blink she could feel herself tremble into the water. All she felt was the salt water swishing through her transparent body, and hitting the ground with such force that knocked her out for a while.

Allie blinked a few times before she regained consciousness The sun was really bright and for the first time since Allie entered Everlost, she could feel things. She felt pain in her body and she also felt the damp clothes rubbing against her skin. The grass flowing through her soft fingers. Allie felt her heart pounding as loud and strong as possible. She felt her lungs fill with air and then slowly empty. She was alive. Her brain was full of so much confusion, exhaustion and concern. She laid on the green grass for a while with the powerful sun blaring on her clear skin. Allie didn't care to acknowledge her surroundings until she was spoken to by a soft girls voice.
"Hello? Are you ok?" said the girl.
Allie sat up with her body still aching. She looked at the girl. She was tall and looked around 16 or 17. She had long, brown hair tied back in a braid. She wore a black T-Shirt, long pants, boots, and a jacket with pockets. She reached her hand out to Allie. Allie, trusting the girl, grasped her hand and stood up. She almost fell over due to the gravity she hasn't felt in a long time.
"Hi, I'm Katniss. Are you ok?" she asked again.
Allie finally spoke, "Hi, I'm Allie and yeah im ok i guess."
Allie glanced around the area.
"Where am I?"
"You're in district 12." Katniss stated.
Allie was confused. "what's district 12?"
"District 12. You know, the smallest of the 12 districts. We specialize in coal and mining. The Capitol chooses people to become tributes for the Hunger Games, like me." Katniss says.
Allie was speechless. She has no clue what's going on. Allie asks the question,
"The hunger games? What's that?"
Katniss sighs briefly "You're not from here are you. Come. I'll show you around."
Allie doesn't have much options so she just follows Katniss. They walk around the district and Allie is introduced to people and is brought into buildings.
"This district isn't the wealthiest as you can see but we're strong and have good hearts."
Allie just smiles. "Whats that?"
Allie asked pointing to a huge fence.
"Oh yeah, that. That’s an electrical fence that surrounds the district so no one can get in or out. But I go over it anyway. I love it in the woods."
"Oh." says Allie.
There is a short pause.
"How did u get in here?" Katniss adds.
"I honestly don't know. All i remember is waking up to your voice." Allie said. "Oh that's not good..." says Katniss.
 They walk to the fence and find a tree that's near it.
"Do you want me to show you around the woods?" asked Katniss.
"Sure. How do we get over?" asked Allie.
Katniss looks up at the tree grabs a sturdy branch. She pulls herself up and manages to grab Allies hand and pull her up too. They both climb opposite of the tree and hop down, getting over the fence easily. They give each other a high-five and smile.
"I've never climbed a tree before haha" says Allie.
"You haven't!" Says Katniss shocked. "I've been climbing trees ever since I was a little girl. My dad taught me actually..." Katniss continues to talk about her dad and how he died in a coal mining accident. Katniss brings Allie to the little house that use to be her dads. Its beat up but cozy and warm. It has a fireplace and a table and chairs. It has a faint musty smell but they both don't mind at all. Katniss takes some bread out of her bag and splits it with Allie. Allie eats the bread and feels it go down her throat and into her stomach. Tasting food felt so new and good to Allie. She realizes that she can eat now. Allie grins at the thought. Katniss starts a small fire and then they talk about many things. About themselves, about life, even the hunger games were described. Allie was shocked by that. She thought it was cruel what they do. The house is next to a lake but Allie says she doesn't swim. Shes just afraid that if she goes in she might die ,sink again and return to everlost, or something like that. The house has a hook which holds a bow and arrows. Katniss catches Allie looking at them so she offers to show her some hunting tips. She goes outside with Allie following her.
"Watch this!" she says  with confidence.
Allie focuses on Katniss's hands and concentration. She takes a deep breath and pulls back the arrow with the bow. She whistles and a flock of birds just arose from the ground like something was attacking them. Katniss aims and releases the arrow into the sky. The sight was amazing. The green vibrant trees with the sunlight reflecting off the moist leaves. The smell of woods and birds chirping Allie was amazed when she saw that the arrow hit not one, but two birds.
Katniss smiled and said "You wanna' try?"
"Sure" said Allie.
There was a target close by, nailed to a tree. Katniss guided Allie and helped her aim.
"Whenever you're ready." said Katniss.
Allie let the arrow go and it flew through the sky and landed right in the center if the target.
Allie was so excited she screamed, "WHOO HOO!!!"
They both laughed and went back inside the small house. Katniss put the arrows and bow back and grabbed her bag. They walked out of the woods and got over the fence again.
"That was fun" said Allie.
"It was. I'm usually all alone in there or with my friend Gale, but now I have you." said Katniss.
Katniss walked to her house and introduced Allie to her mom and little sister Prim. They were both glad to meet Allie, who looks very similar to Prim. They talked all night in the living room. Prim french braided Allie's hair and gave her clean clothes. Katniss helped her mom prepare dinner and they ate at the table. When night appeared, they were all exhausted. Allie was offered a bed with clean sheets and a flower designed comforter.
Allie hugged Katniss and said "Thank you."
"You're very welcome. now get to bed." Katniss replied smiling, turning off her light off, and shutting her and door.
When it was morning Allie felt amazing. She's never slept in a long time, being half-dead and all, but now that she's alive she can rest and dream. The sunlight shone through her window and warmed Allie's skin. She got up and used the bathroom. There's a lot of things Allie can do now that shes alive. "Good morning Allie!" says Prim.
"Good morning Prim." They smile and go downstairs still in their pajamas. Katniss is in the kitchen making them breakfast.
"Good Morning Ladies, how would you like your eggs?" says Katniss
"Over easy thank you," says Allie.
"Ok, and Prim, the usual?" asks Katniss.
"Yup" says Prim.
Katniss puts two over easy eggs and juice in front of Allie and two sunny side up eggs and milk in front off prim. Katniss eats toast and juice. They all take showers and they get changed and walk to some food stalls and shops. They go back to the house and just talk and become really close. It's now night. Allie wants to tell them about Everlost, even though they probably won't believe her. Allie waited for a good time to break the news. There is a long pause and then laughter.
Allie laughs too and says "I'm serious though!"
"Sure." says Prim. Katniss and Prim still laughing.
Allie just gives up realizing no one would ever in a million years believe her. They eat again and go to bed. A year later Allie is basically living there and considered Katniss and Prim her sisters. She loved it there. Allie still wonders about her parents who she hasn't seen since the car accident before any of this happened. She also wonders about Nick, if he is ok, and if he will ever find her. But thats too much to think about all the time. Instead Allie faces the reality shes living in right now and accepts herself and new home. Allie has a new life to live.

      The End